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2022 was an eventful year,how many do you still remember?

The Covid-19 pandemic continued to disrupt life and business at the start of 2022, but all signs pointed to a better 2023, and everything returned to something approaching normal as the year drew to a close. Indeed, Beta.B had much to celebrate in 2022. Here’s a look back at some of the highlights.

2022 was an eventful year, you may have attended as many events as we did, met with projects from all over the world, received countless business cards. But how many do you remember?

We met at the Summit in 2022, hoping that in 2023 we will find the opportunity to work together with you.

Global Events That We‘ve Participated in 2022

World Blockchain Summit

Dubai March 23–24

Bitcoin 2022

Miami,US April 6–9

Blockchain Life 2022

Moscow, Russia April 20–21

BARCELONA 26 - 28, June 2022

Consensus By CoinDesk

Austin, Texas 9-12, June 2022


Singapore 28-30, September 2022

Future Blockchain Summit

Dubai 10-13, October 2022

Bitcoin Amsterdam

Amsterdam 12-14, October 2022


London UK 2-3, November 2022

About Beta.B

Global Public Relations & Marketing and Financial Service Agency

focusing on Crypto and Web3.0 industry since 2017.

We have served Binance, Filecoin, Polkadot, Huobi, Cardano, RobotEra, Faith Tribe and more than 300 projects from all over the world.

We provide consulting services to web 2.0 companies on the new business of Web 3.0, we provide global brand enhancement and community growth services to web 3.0 companies, and we offer a range of digital currency financial services. Click to read more details.

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