An Interview into the Mind of the Future with Dr. William Tien

The brain behind the borderless blockchain ecosystem, TiENWORLD

"A borderless world is the future” has long been Dr. William Tien’s motto. As a renowned visionary and futurist, Dr. Tien is committed to creating a global ecosystem for blockchain technology and making it universally accessible. This belief has led him to launch TiENWORLD, a borderless, all-in-one blockchain infrastructure focused on community and learning for the masses.

"Everything I do is built on the foundation of my 3 As: Any time, any way and any one. As guiding principles, the 3 As dictate how users will access and participate in the new global blockchain ecosystem. We now have hundreds of thousands of users entering the TiENWORLD ecosystem worldwide, and we’ll continue to champion accessibility to drive digital transformation for generations to come,” noted Dr. Tien.

It begins with the premise that today’s society is evolving into the digital age, where blockchain technology is the foundational infrastructure for practical, everyday projects. But to truly grasp what Dr. Tien is saying about the future he’s fashioning, one must take time to understand what he’s built in the past. As the founder of TiENWORLD, Dr. Tien is no stranger to seeing the future; A peek into his past can unveil why he’s rapidly gaining traction as a global leader in blockchain, fintech, the metaverse and the world as we know it. Dr. Tien is a finance industry veteran, an inventor and a business pioneer. For nearly 30 years, he’s managed and incubated businesses in the fintech sector, and has held executive positions in multiple publicly listed companies at the forefront of their industries.

Early in his career, Dr. Tien was an inventor with a knack for designing secure, simplified and easy-to-use technology; In the 1990s, he was one of the first inventors of the mobile phone wallet, hard-coded into a mobile device. He was also the first to use PINS for MasterCard in 2006, known as tokens for e-commerce today.

The advent of innovative digital products and rising global dilemmas are inherent to the TiENWORLD platform, grounded on the 3 As; Everyone can safely and intuitively participate in a unified cryptocurrency ecosystem, with the latest features and unique facilities of blockchain.

What is TiENWORLD, and why did you start it?

“TiENWORLD is a decentralized and fully integrated blockchain ecosystem, that combines peer-to-peer transactions, banking, and multi-currency usage with social media and the metaverse. We are using the latest cloud technology to bring computing power into our platform, but also to build our own servers to protect user data and be ultra fast in connectivity,” said Dr. Tien. “It's an all-encompassing solution for crypto enthusiasts, as well as those who have never before heard of cryptocurrency or blockchain.”

Dr. Tien has diligently built a career on security and peer to peer connectivity, while at the outermost edges of technology. “In order to create and foster business partnerships or new long-term friendships, we need to understand how we can communicate and share ideas, to better build or carry an existing business into the new era. This new era puts forward changes beyond the realm of communication - also touching on direct exchanges, trading, or business operations at the lowest level of the e-commerce food chain. As such, we won’t only need a social media chat, but all the elements to communicate and interact with.” Enter TiENWORLD.

What does the future hold for TiENWORLD?

According to Dr. Tien, the future world will undergo deep, systemic changes due to acquired, unified solutions like TiENWORLD. It will bring people closer, and impact users’ social, entertainment, work, and living habits, while making transaction payments more efficient and secure.

“TiENWORLD’s data will bring a new information revolution to our work and life. People will be able to use the information from the Internet of Things to deepen their understanding of the world and their lives, and actively promote the progress of mankind,” notes Dr. Tien. “Through the development of blockchain and projects like TiENCHAT, we will further strengthen international exchanges, and widely promote the progress of human civilization and ultimately world peace.”

How would you describe the main pillars of the TiENWORLD ecosystem? Fulfilling Dr. Tien’s duty to the 3 A’s, TiENWORLD’s applications and services come together to create an all-encompassing solution for users, including:

  • Social Media: A decentralized social system that reduces the cost of communication and realizes the vision of communication without borders.

  • Borderless Merchants: Global commercialization, built on merchants’ needs to tap into the global world.

  • Trading Platform: Live online transactions making blockchain transactions easier for global use.

  • Information: Synchronized global and international information, so users have immediate access to the information, news and data they value most.

  • Payments: Transparent, borderless online payments every time.

  • Entertainment: Integrated social entertainment and media sharing networks, to bridge together online communities like never before.

  • Marketplace: Available dApp development tools and access to existing applications within the platform.

  • Mining and Storage: Integrated crypto mining and data sharing services through cloud nodes.

  • Metaverse: Interconnectivity of all applications in one metaverse for billions of smartphone users.

“As a proponent of a decentralized ecosystem, we have designed TiENWORLD to serve as the backbone of a borderless digital economy that is customizable and scalable for users worldwide,” remarked Dr. Tien.

As such, TiENWORLD aims to provide tools, resources and solutions to optimize global connectivity, capital flow through its services, a currency exchange platform and, most recently, its metaverse.

A culmination of these founding pillars shapes the TiENWORLD ecosystem:

  • TiENBlockChain, a leading blockchain pushing the bounds for efficient blockchain utility.

  • TiENCHAT, a decentralized social media platform.

  • TiENFARM, a self-funding platform in crypto mining, also used as a future virtual decentralized data storage.

  • T8 Exchange, also known as T8EX, a licensed crypto-to-crypto digital exchange.

  • TRAMS DEX, a decentralized exchange.

  • ETHFUND, an NFT auction, minting and membership-based NFT marketplace.

Now, we can deep dive into each of these services to better understand what TiEN