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An Interview into the Mind of the Future with Dr. William Tien

The brain behind the borderless blockchain ecosystem, TiENWORLD

"A borderless world is the future” has long been Dr. William Tien’s motto. As a renowned visionary and futurist, Dr. Tien is committed to creating a global ecosystem for blockchain technology and making it universally accessible. This belief has led him to launch TiENWORLD, a borderless, all-in-one blockchain infrastructure focused on community and learning for the masses.

"Everything I do is built on the foundation of my 3 As: Any time, any way and any one. As guiding principles, the 3 As dictate how users will access and participate in the new global blockchain ecosystem. We now have hundreds of thousands of users entering the TiENWORLD ecosystem worldwide, and we’ll continue to champion accessibility to drive digital transformation for generations to come,” noted Dr. Tien.

It begins with the premise that today’s society is evolving into the digital age, where blockchain technology is the foundational infrastructure for practical, everyday projects. But to truly grasp what Dr. Tien is saying about the future he’s fashioning, one must take time to understand what he’s built in the past. As the founder of TiENWORLD, Dr. Tien is no stranger to seeing the future; A peek into his past can unveil why he’s rapidly gaining traction as a global leader in blockchain, fintech, the metaverse and the world as we know it. Dr. Tien is a finance industry veteran, an inventor and a business pioneer. For nearly 30 years, he’s managed and incubated businesses in the fintech sector, and has held executive positions in multiple publicly listed companies at the forefront of their industries.

Early in his career, Dr. Tien was an inventor with a knack for designing secure, simplified and easy-to-use technology; In the 1990s, he was one of the first inventors of the mobile phone wallet, hard-coded into a mobile device. He was also the first to use PINS for MasterCard in 2006, known as tokens for e-commerce today.

The advent of innovative digital products and rising global dilemmas are inherent to the TiENWORLD platform, grounded on the 3 As; Everyone can safely and intuitively participate in a unified cryptocurrency ecosystem, with the latest features and unique facilities of blockchain.

What is TiENWORLD, and why did you start it?

“TiENWORLD is a decentralized and fully integrated blockchain ecosystem, that combines peer-to-peer transactions, banking, and multi-currency usage with social media and the metaverse. We are using the latest cloud technology to bring computing power into our platform, but also to build our own servers to protect user data and be ultra fast in connectivity,” said Dr. Tien. “It's an all-encompassing solution for crypto enthusiasts, as well as those who have never before heard of cryptocurrency or blockchain.”

Dr. Tien has diligently built a career on security and peer to peer connectivity, while at the outermost edges of technology. “In order to create and foster business partnerships or new long-term friendships, we need to understand how we can communicate and share ideas, to better build or carry an existing business into the new era. This new era puts forward changes beyond the realm of communication - also touching on direct exchanges, trading, or business operations at the lowest level of the e-commerce food chain. As such, we won’t only need a social media chat, but all the elements to communicate and interact with.” Enter TiENWORLD.

What does the future hold for TiENWORLD?

According to Dr. Tien, the future world will undergo deep, systemic changes due to acquired, unified solutions like TiENWORLD. It will bring people closer, and impact users’ social, entertainment, work, and living habits, while making transaction payments more efficient and secure.

“TiENWORLD’s data will bring a new information revolution to our work and life. People will be able to use the information from the Internet of Things to deepen their understanding of the world and their lives, and actively promote the progress of mankind,” notes Dr. Tien. “Through the development of blockchain and projects like TiENCHAT, we will further strengthen international exchanges, and widely promote the progress of human civilization and ultimately world peace.”

How would you describe the main pillars of the TiENWORLD ecosystem? Fulfilling Dr. Tien’s duty to the 3 A’s, TiENWORLD’s applications and services come together to create an all-encompassing solution for users, including:

  • Social Media: A decentralized social system that reduces the cost of communication and realizes the vision of communication without borders.

  • Borderless Merchants: Global commercialization, built on merchants’ needs to tap into the global world.

  • Trading Platform: Live online transactions making blockchain transactions easier for global use.

  • Information: Synchronized global and international information, so users have immediate access to the information, news and data they value most.

  • Payments: Transparent, borderless online payments every time.

  • Entertainment: Integrated social entertainment and media sharing networks, to bridge together online communities like never before.

  • Marketplace: Available dApp development tools and access to existing applications within the platform.

  • Mining and Storage: Integrated crypto mining and data sharing services through cloud nodes.

  • Metaverse: Interconnectivity of all applications in one metaverse for billions of smartphone users.

“As a proponent of a decentralized ecosystem, we have designed TiENWORLD to serve as the backbone of a borderless digital economy that is customizable and scalable for users worldwide,” remarked Dr. Tien.

As such, TiENWORLD aims to provide tools, resources and solutions to optimize global connectivity, capital flow through its services, a currency exchange platform and, most recently, its metaverse.

A culmination of these founding pillars shapes the TiENWORLD ecosystem:

  • TiENBlockChain, a leading blockchain pushing the bounds for efficient blockchain utility.

  • TiENCHAT, a decentralized social media platform.

  • TiENFARM, a self-funding platform in crypto mining, also used as a future virtual decentralized data storage.

  • T8 Exchange, also known as T8EX, a licensed crypto-to-crypto digital exchange.

  • TRAMS DEX, a decentralized exchange.

  • ETHFUND, an NFT auction, minting and membership-based NFT marketplace.

Now, we can deep dive into each of these services to better understand what TiENWORLD means for us today.

What is the TiEN Blockchain? TiEN Blockchain aims to create the highest effective model uniting all four of the blockchain initiatives:

Disrupter: A pioneer in consolidating multiple opportunities into a single, intuitive platform, analyzing threats and providing project-based solutions and assistance.

Digital Asset Market: An environment for native TiEN-tokens and 100+ user-approved cryptocurrency coins for trading and purchasing on the platform.

Efficiency Play: Distributed technology with Proof-of-Stake consensus, with shifts in development made in the interest of given users.

Record Keeper: An immutable ledger that keeps records of all on-chain transactions, facilitating traceability and providing analytics that aid in consistently improving the platform.

TiEN Blockchain is developed by TiENPAY, the platform behind the coin-on-coin / token-on-token standard type of aggregation. The blockchain builds applications with atomic-swap and intraoperative processes with the ability to merge and acquire tokens on the chain.

Taking it one step further, TiEN Blockchain has its own digital currency that fuels its ecosystem, the T8T token. “TiEN blockchain pushes the boundaries of digital currencies by creating the playground they’re used in. This is the digital currency space marrying the evolving global market, bridging the hardware gap to facilitate the process,” remarked Dr. Tien. “As I like to see it, TiEN takes care of you.”

In TiEN’s sandbox, you may find biometric cards, innovative POS systems for in-store payments, crypto ATMs in developing nations, and lastly - a messaging application that merges the entire space together into one app. The future is here, and it starts now.

What is TiENchat?

TiENCHAT was designed to provide everyday users easy access to blockchain and cryptocurrency. As the digital currency landscape evolved, Dr. Tien believed it was time for more people to get involved and learn about it. TiENCHAT therefore provides new blockchain users with the chance to get their feet wet, while serving as the perfect ecosystem for experienced cryptocurrency users.

“TiENCHAT was designed, developed and built as a global social media software that relies on blockchain technology to yield borderless access in multilingual social networking, cross-border payment and digital currency transactions,” said Dr. Tien.

Initially triggered by the rise of WeChat, TiENCHAT disrupts the current mainstream social and payment models by applying blockchain technology to further integrate into people’s daily lives. This convergence allows TiEN the flexibility to stay ahead of the technology curve, while focusing on separate areas of a global team with resource-sharing to build a holistic TiENCHAT ecosystem. The app’s features include communication, payments and transactions, shopping, news, knowledge sharing and more - making global mutual notifications more complex, efficient and in-depth.

With the rollout of TiENCHAT 4.0, the app’s upgrades make it even easier to participate in the digital currency world with new tools to simplify the everyday use of blockchain.

What is the T8 Exchange?

A complete digital asset exchange and DeFi platform. T8 Exchange owns the T8EX and Trams Dex application, a decentralized exchange platform that enables existing TiENCHAT users to trade, swap and utilize cryptocurrencies as payment inside the application.

T8 Exchange top 5 features include:

  1. Real-time viewing of account fund information

  2. Scan code payments and transfers of digital currency

  3. Multi-currency online transfers and withdrawals

  4. Real-time value of digital currency market price

  5. A decentralized exchange, where anyone with an ERC20 token can be pooled and traded within 15 minutes

Have you also created an NFT Marketplace?

“Yes, of course,” remarked Dr. Tien. “We recently launched, an exchange platform for the minting, listing, swapping & management of digital assets (NFTs + tokens + alt coins).”

ETHFUND is a turnkey decentralized NFT platform that enables existing TiENCHAT users to trade, swap and utilize NFT tokens as a form of payment inside the platform.

So, what is TiENFARM?

TiENFARM is a self-funding platform in crypto mining, intended as a virtual decentralized data storage in the future.

T8 Exchange has recently released a state-of-the art storage and node miner called “TiENFARM”, which is one of its latest DeFi projects. These TiENFARM miners will initially be available solely through TiENCHAT’s marketplace, eventually opening globally through select major online retailers.

The TiENFARM miner can be managed and programmed via the TiENFARM mobile application, currently available only to Android users within the Google Play Store. The TiENFARM application uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) protocol to mine DS Tokens, which is TiENFARM’s proprietary utility token. These DS tokens are mined inside the TiENFARM application using TiENFARM miners. The mined DS tokens can be traded on T8EX and within the TiENCHAT platform in exchange for Tether (USDT), which is pegged, 1:1, to the U.S. dollar.

The TiENFARM miner is the Company’s latest development in Internet of Things (IoT) devices. In its latest release, the miner carries an eight-terabyte storage, a node and a built-in wi-fi router to have a built-in smart home engine – similar to Google Smart Home – that includes an AI voice recognition feature, reminiscent of Alexa.

Does TiEN have any plans for digital asset & cryptocurrency mining?

In addition to TiENCHAT’s robust social networking and global payments platform, TiENCHAT plans to invest and engage in the mining of various cryptocurrencies, specifically Ethereum (ETH), to yield favorable ROIs. TiENCHAT has assembled a team of industry veterans, with experience in the management and mining of cryptocurrencies and in the technology to support the development and scale of digital assets.

TiENCHAT has placed its first order of 50 ETH enterprise miners and is intended to start mining in Singapore by late 2021, with each miner expected to generate on average approximately 1.5 Ethereum (ETH) each month. TiENCHAT is seeking to rapidly increase the number of ETH enterprise miners under management to more than 1,000 ETH miners by the mid-2022 with operations expanding to the United States.

What is next for TiENWORLD? How will the ecosystem continue to evolve with the growing FinTech community and blockchain?

“As the blockchain and FinTech community evolves, TiENWORLD will provide the ‘Last Mile’ solutions for the blockchain sector.” notes Dr. Tien. “A variety of solutions for the delivery of digital goods and services to end users could be achieved through our IoT tools and technologies, integrated within our newly released 4.0 version of TiENCHAT.”

As an example, recipients of TiEN’s latest humanitarian and aid programs could gain access to donations within the TiENCHAT platform - even if they do not own a mobile phone.

With the future in mind, do you have an exciting roadmap that would interest our readers?

“Our current focus is to launch the TiENWORLD metaverse and continue to expand these services to billions of people across the world,” remarked Dr. Tien. “Our aim is to achieve this within the next three years. We believe this is possible because for the first time in history, blockchain technology allows anyone to earn, share, participate and interact if they have a mobile device. We’re able to help people now.”

The TiENWORLD roadmap is a determined transformation, marrying DeFi (decentralized finance), NFT (Non-Fungible Token, or digital assets), gamifi (games and entertainment financing) and social media into the next digital economy with global, and complete trustless connection. Bridging this gap will help users immerse completely into this decentralized digital network, operating on its 3 As (any time, any way and any one). According to Dr. Tien, this will be the metaverse’s new acronym by 2022.

“I’m a firm believer in the success of mass adoption of blockchain technology, as part of the infrastructure of all things connected. Similar to that of the Internet, most people do not fully understand the intricacies of how the Internet operates, but people and businesses have built very successful operations on it,” said Dr. Tien. “TiENWORLD is that simple solution for all of your needs and all of your favorite services built into one.”

What’s next for Dr. William Tien and TiENWORLD? He invites you to join him in the metaverse and find out.


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