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Interview To Ocean Mollu: How The Dark Horse of 3D GameFi In The Context of Metaverse Breaks Through

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

November 7th, 2021, JK, the contributor of OceanMollu, Conducted AMA in the global telegram group and attracted more than 10,000 people to participated . JK answered the questions of community members in detail and communicated enthusiastically with community users.

Ocean Mollu is a 3D Play To Earn Metaverse based on Binance Smart Chain. Aims to build a 3D Metaverse of diversified virtual reality interactions through NFT asset casting, virtual social networking, crypto asset confirmation, value circulation and the introduction of the new Play To Earn (P2E) model. Through token economy and NFTFi design, player becomes a new job to help low-income people around the world achieve income growth in the virtual world.


Metaverse may be referred to as the new generation of Internet or the next generation of Internet. The concepts of Metaverse and GameFi have emerged. The market is fiercely competitive and the survival of the fittest. Market capital is looking for a breakthrough point. Can Ocean Mollu bring us surprises? First of all, please give a detailed introduction of Ocean Mollu.


I’mAK, and I’m from the Metaverse.

When Oean Mollu’s game goes live, we will meet in the metasverse.

Ocean Mollu is a 3D Play To Earn Metaverse based on Binance Smart Chain.

Once in Ocean Mollu, players can earn coins for their skill in the game and their contribution to the ecosystem.

You can also collect, cultivate, and trade these amazing Mollu, and command them in adventure battles to improve your game skills in your quest to become the new King of the Five Seas in the Ocean Mollu metaverse!


At present, there are many projects related to Metaverse and GameFi in the market, and the competition is fierce. Compared with other projects, what are the highlights of Ocean Mollu?


Ocean Mollu is a virtual world that parallels the real world.

It is built on Web3.0 and is a “traversal” and “distributed” Internet world.

In this virtual world with complete spatial awareness and physical rules, there are monetary assets, social ways and social forms.

It is not only independent of the real world, but complementary to it. Here, there are many living creatures with magical super power — Mollu, each Mollu is unique, with different attributes and combat effectiveness, the community has all the rights of Mollu.

The advantages of Ocean Mollu can be summarized as the following four points:

  1. Richer and truer 3D GameFi and immersive experience The manifestation of Ocean Mollu game has completed the transformation from traditional 2D to 3D. The 3D technology intervention in the game breaks through the fixed visual way of thinking in traditional 2D games, bringing players a sense of real space and experience.

  2. Diversified initial choices-In the game, the battle pet Mollu will have eight occupations and more than 1,000 component combinations in the early stage. Each Mollu has unique attributes, rich elements, and more diversified player choices. You can match your favorite combination with your interests, DIY your own Mollu combination team!

  3. Deflation mechanism-In Ocean Mollu, users will consume tokens when they purchase and multiply Mollu to ensure the health of the token economy. In addition, for the healthy development of the project and the community, OMO tokens and OCN tokens have established a Trade-Burn deflation mechanism, each transaction will burn a certain amount of Token, further optimize the bubble, and make the entire token system more stable.

  4. DAO governance-at the beginning of the establishment of Ocean Mollu, we regarded the community as an important part of the ecology. Therefore, we established the DAO governance pool and made the address public, which will be supervised by the community. With the development of the project and the token system When mature, the governance funds of the DAO fund governance pool will all be used for community development (season rewards, official grants, etc.), and the use will be determined by the community. Ocean Mollu will gradually evolve into a community-based decentralized organization and become a game that truly runs through the DAO.


Why did the project choose to be placed on BSC?


Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a decentralized public chain that supports smart contract compatibility on the basis of high-performance transactions, greatly reducing the high fees and congestion thresholds for users to participate in DeFi on Ethereum, making it more effective Users and users have become simple and easy to use, so we chose to start with BSC, and will gradually support other main chains (SOLANA, FLOW, OEC, etc.) in the future to achieve a major outbreak of ecology and users.


Can you introduce the specific gameplay of the game. Since the vision of the project is to let the player Play To Earn, what are the ways players Earn, can you give us a detailed introduction?


In order to meet the game competitive style and experience needs of different player groups around the world.

We have a richer competitive mode: PVE-adventure mode, PVP-Arena mode, reproduction and other diversified P2E (Play To Earn) gameplay, which maximizes Ocean Mollu playability.

At the beginning, the Ocean Mollu team will offer eight Mollu for eight classes: captain, sailor, cook, sailor, swordsman, craftsman, Marine, and thief.

New players entering the Ocean Mollu metaworld need to purchase 5 Mollu to earn OMO tokens and OCN tokens with increasing value through combat and cultivation.

As the Ocean Mollu meta-economy continues to evolve, Ocean Mollu2.0 May introduce the ability to combine multiple Mollu into more advanced Mollu when players have multiple Mollu.

This is going to involve some probability. It may succeed or it may fail. If successful, Mollu will have more fighting power and be able to trade at a higher price in the NFT market.


What applications do you plan to develop in Metaverse in the future?


With the name change of the Internet giant Facebook, the popularity of the meta-universe concept has been pushed to a climax again without any suspense.

I think the real Metaverse will be an aggregation of


And this is the ultimate goal we will achieve. Ocean Mollu will build an ecological platform for full-scene applications of GameFi, including e-sports, NFT aggregated transactions, and virtual worlds, around the construction of encrypted games.

Use developer agreements and other methods to enable Player to achieve revenue growth through games and become a profession.

At the same time, assist developers in the GameFi field to participate in ecological construction, so that Metaverse and GameFi can be truly integrated.


How to get pets (Mollu) & tokens and participate in the project, how will users get profits?


There are many ways to obtain battle pet Mollu.

For example, by participating in our early community activities and completing community contributions, you can receive Mollu blind box airdrops (Check Airdrop details ), open blind boxes, and have the opportunity to obtain battle pet Mollu and the in-game governance token OMO/OCN.

In addition, we will launch the first batch of Mollu redemptions in the near future, and users can purchase them through BNB.

After the player owns 5 Mollus, they can obtain continuous value-added OMO and OCN tokens through PVE (adventure mode)/PVP (competition mode) battle and cultivation, reproduction, and NFT market transactions in the game. In the future, the functions of tokens will extend to community governance, pledge and other rights and interests.

OMO is the governance token in Ocean Mollu, game rewards accounted for 55% of the total OMO token supply,Ocean Mollu will use these tokens to reward key user actions in the ecosystem, such as:Win in the arena,Interact with your land (it may be launched in v 2.0), use the Ocean Mollu market, summon Mollu, participate in unreleased Ocean Mollu internal beta products, and more.

OCN tokens are stable tokens in Ocean Mollu, and supply and demand are balanced by the market. All token rewards obtained by players in the game can be exchanged for USDT through the trading market.


What is the current progress of Ocean Mollu?


At present, Ocean Mollu’s official website has been launched, and version 1.0 of the game has been developed and completed and is being audited by the world-renowned security agency CertiK. (Read More)

In addition, in order to enrich the gameplay, we are currently docking with a well-known animation IP around the world, and will soon release a limited number of rare co-branded pets with higher collection value and combat attributes.

We believe that GameFi and Metaverse are not only limited to the virtual world, Ocean Mollu will break the dimensional wall of virtual and reality, combine virtual reality, and bring players a richer gaming experience.

Finally, you can follow our official account to keep up to date with our latest developments.

At present, we have community activities for users in progress. Everyone who participates will have the opportunity to receive Mollu battle pets and token airdrop rewards.


Do you have plans to partner with other projects in the near future? Or are you still focused on IDO and developing the Ocean Mollu EXCHANGE ecosystem? If you choose, which partner do you think is the most suitable for Ocean Mollu EXCHANGE?


At present, we have reached preliminary cooperation with many game associations from all over the world.

In addition, we are still recruiting the eco-cooperative community, which we believe is the cornerstone of the project development

We also welcome all KOLs from all over the world to join in the community building of Ocean Mollu. You can use this link to register, and there are high rewards randomly.


To say the success of the project, the core issue is still attracting participants, so what plans have you prepared in the future to ensure the number of participants and new entrants?


At present, in addition to uniting the community, we also pay great attention to the development of institutional partners.

So far, we have partnered with top exchanges around the world and the NFT market to co-sell Mollu pets in the game.

In addition, the well-known global animation IP will also explore the GameFi space with Ocean Moolu.


As an investor, safety is always one of the biggest concerns. What kind of security protection do you provide for the Ocean Molluabridge platform? How to ensure the safety of customer assets?


The security of user assets is our core concern. We have reached cooperation with CertiK, the world’s top security audit company, and passed the security audit.


Ocean Molluabridge partners with Crypto Family. What is the purpose of this Partnership? And what are the benefits of this collaboration for both projects?


The cooperation between Ocean Mollu and CryptoFury is an important step in the globalization of our community.

Through the cooperation between the project and the community, more users can truly understand Ocean Mollu and more dynamics about Metaverse.

And let gamers truly become a profession in the future, bringing more income to more families.


Where does your project profit now? Does Covid currently affect your project development, That’s what I care about ?

AK: Covid is affecting every aspect of our lives, with limited travel, business shutdowns, and global assets plummeting. The blockchain industry cannot be left alone. The market value of cryptocurrencies has shrunk dramatically, a large number of conferences have been postponed or cancelled, and the progress of many projects has been disrupted.

But blockchain games have ushered in endless dawn.

When more and more users are unable to work because of Covid, blockchain games have brought them revenue.

Our ultimate vision is also to generate income for more users and families, so that more users can P2E.


We can to participate in governance and receive the ability to cast vote and create proposals? Is there a mandatory minimum amount that we must hold, or can we stake any amount?


I think the development of DAO is the future trend of the blockchain industry

DAO members are fully entitled to use various tools to make suggestions, vote and implement proposals (if the proposal is passed). For example, Aragon Voice allows any holder of ERC20 tokens to petition other holders and make favorable suggestions.

It is worth noting that the pursuit of collective goals in the DAO is completely voluntary, which eliminates the compulsory political anxiety about the pursuit of collective goals. Since the membership of the DAO is not authorized, and the safeguards that prevent centralization are encrypted, the power within the DAO is truly distributed, and the collective goal is not at the expense of individual freedom.

Therefore, in the future Ocean Mollu DAO, any token holder will become a part of the DAO and participate in project governance, so that Ocean Mollu will develop more benignly.

About Ocean Mollu

Ocean Mollu is a 3D Play To Earn Metaverse based on Binance Smart Chain.

Aims to build a 3D Metaverse of diversified virtual reality interactions through NFT asset casting, virtual social networking, crypto asset confirmation, value circulation and the introduction of the new Play To Earn (P2E) model. Through token economy and NFTFi design, player becomes a new job to help low-income people around the world achieve income growth in the virtual world.


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