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NFTs Built in your Virtual Lands: Experience the Modernity of the Metaverse

After completing its IDO across several launchpads, Manufactory, a PvP-based competitive and skill-based game, is now inviting all players and engineers to the public sale events for its NFT-based virtual lands scheduled on the 19th of April. These lands within the ManuFactory game will form the crux of the gameplay and strategy building and are laced with in-game resources for the players to utilize and experience a digitally enriching experience in the Manufactory metaverse.

Manufactory is a construction and management game that combines the power of NFTs for an amazing gaming experience. It is a one-of-its-kind metaverse-based game built on the Play-and-Earn model, which challenges the players beyond intelligent gameplay to building and designing amazing machines and factories for faster and better extraction. Such a model creates the perfect balance between having an enjoyable gameplay experience and a rewarding one. Besides the game, the players will also have access to staking opportunities where they can earn additional income and rewards via lootboxes.

The NFT marketplace for trading the in-game assets will form another revenue stream as players vie for superiority and survival within the game. All assets in the game are tradeable except minerals.

Gamers have much to rejoice about. Manufactory’s gameplay enables players to test their engineering skills as they build up their lands while planning counter moves using a wide variety of turrets and tools to protect their in-game NFTs. The game has an underlying theme of capitalism with some shady parasite monsters lurking on the NFT lands, which the players need to fight off. The engineers/landowners can dictate the prices of their NFTs and earn profits while hiring other engineers to work for them at a payscale decided by the landowners. The game calls its labor laws ‘a little light’, and within the game, ‘capital gain is totally fine.’

Manufactory: Game Mechanics

As for its Play and Earn model - the mechanics will be ruled by two tokens running on the BSC. The players can get minerals in exchange for $Factory coins. These $Factory coins can then be transformed into $MNFT tokens, the native tokens of the Manufactory metaverse. The $MNFT tokens can be earned by playing the Manufactory game. Players can stake their $MNFT to increase their percentage chances of winning a lootbox that contains an item of random rarity. All the funds collected from the lootbox sale will go to the reserves pool.

$MNFT Tokenomics is as follows:

  • 30% of the tokens are reserved for Play-and-Earn

  • 20% of the tokens have been allotted for reserves

  • 10% of the tokens are set aside for community and marketing

  • 10% of the tokens are for teams and advisors

  • 3% of the tokens are reserved for liquidity rewards

  • 12% of the tokens are set aside for IDO listing

  • 5% of the tokens are reserved for Dex liquidity

  • 10% of the tokens are reserved for strategic partnerships

The most exciting feature of the Manufactory game is the availability of virtual lands of different kinds and levels. Players will get access to these pieces of land as NFTs.

The players can own different levels of land supplied with resources and obstacles of common and uncommon nature depending upon the level within the Manufactory metaverse. These lands will have mineral reserves plus deadly monsters. The number of minerals present on each land will be refreshed after 24 hours. These lands will be available to the players at random via Land Treasure Chests. Players will have to build automated collection systems and NFTs to protect their NFT assets within the game. The different types of lands include:

  • Ashen lands: Far from the old civilization cities, these cities will be safer from the local monsters. These lands will have a lower maximum yield in rare and uncommon resources but will have ample common resources for engineers to power their devices.

  • Fallen lands: These lands are closer to the older civilization and have more potential for uncommon and rare resources and monsters. There is also an abundance of common resources here.

  • Harvest Enterprise Lands: These lands are found on top of ancient mining facilities in an abandoned metropolis that abounds in mineral resources and dangerous creatures. These lands offer the highest potential yield for uncommon and rare resources per day.

Each piece of land can have legendary resources present within its perimeter. The landowners reap the maximum rewards from the gameplay. These lands will be where crypto-producing factories will be set up by stacking NFT machinery and will be used for mineral extraction, transportation, and transformation.

While in the game, the land pieces will be sold in Initial loot boxes making sure each player gets a random piece of land. As of now, these lands will be available for purchase on the 19th of April at the Manufactory Public Land Sale events. There are 12,000 pieces of land available for Public Sale which will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis, with a hard limit of 3 land pieces per wallet.

Manufactory is currently developing its PvP gameplay and has some big plans in its future roadmap - from a Manufactory Club, guilds, PvP, and guild wars, to adding cross-chain interoperability and ultimately developing a Manufactory universe to the core game. Players with engineering skills and intelligent gameplay can head over to the public land sale event to grab your favorite piece of NFT land in the Manufactory universe.

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