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What is xWin? DeFi Investment Management in Binance Smart Chain

xWin is a brand-new fund management platform that helps individuals invest in ETF like vaults and participate in staking using various liquidity pools. The protocol chose to build on Binance Smart Chain due to its many perks, including being fast and cheap compared to other chains. On xWin, individuals have access to the best fund strategies offered by experts available for free. And thanks to the platform's connection with Binance, all investors need is BNB tokens to get started with staking on various DeFi pools with ease to get rewarded. Currently, the project is in the beta stage.

What xWin does is easing what has been a complex process that requires expertise to profit. But this doesn't have to be the case since by subscribing to a vault of your liking, you get to enjoy returns with ease since you are relying on expert knowledge and skills built overtime managing wealth. Thanks to token distribution, the creating and redeeming of primary markets is supported on xWin. This feature allows for funds to be distributed as tokens to all the involved individuals automatically using the fund unit.

What Are The Features of xWin?

xWin boasts a wealth of features that users can tap into. There are trading vaults where one can keep up with the latest trading strategies of various professionals. Then you have the liquidity pool where tokens are split by half automatically. Also, this pool aids the farmer or investor place stakes on the Pancakeswap liquidity pool. The sector index will open up DeFi to users or allow them to access a bunch of tokens that one can add to their portfolio for diversification purposes. Remember, there are the funds that will handle most of the hard work that comes with investing in liquidity pools. These funds will add, remove and conduct the farming process for you without stress through automation. In the end, you get to earn xWin tokens (XWIN) tradeable on a decentralized exchange.

These features are offered by integrating with two popular decentralized protocols, namely PancakeSwap and Band Protocol. The PancakeSwap protocol links with xWin to enable the swapping of BNB to other tokens or other tokens for BNB inside index vaults. Here it's only the pairs that have enough liquidity that are included in the vaults. And to make the liquidity provision process easy, xWin will integrate the Liquidity Pool and Farm into its LP vault.

As for Band Protocol, it helps with governing data in a decentralized manner. The protocol has on-chain price feeds leveraged to assess the total value of vaults based on unit price. They also measure price impact tolerance when it comes to swapping, thereby preventing unfair price tolerance.

Different Offers

On xWin, you have access to various offers such as farming. The platform allows one to boost their returns on what is invested by farming different tokens supported on xWin vaults via XWIN farm to earn XWIN tokens. Additionally, by subscribing to the funds on offer, you will earn rewards that accumulate over time.

Incredibly if you join the platform early, you are eligible for rewards. For example, those who participate within the first six months after launch and subscribe to whichever fund will get 5x higher rewards than the rest. The rewards are set to reduce with time by half after every six months and are capped at 60 million tokens.

The team behind xWin consists of specialized people boasting years of experience in various fields. There are two founders Calvin Thong and Fumihiro Arawawa. Thong previously worked at BlackRock, managing portfolios for index funds and EFTs. He holds a master's in applied finance from Macquarie University and a bachelor's in computer science.

Fumihiro has vast experience as a business consultant, having worked with top companies in Vietnam and Japan. And Yuki serves as a UX designer with extensive experience, having worked with various advertising agencies.

The advisory board is made up of four individuals. These include; Mariya Ebirayim, who serves as the marketing advisor. She has over eight years of experience within the Fintech investment industry and five years in public relations focusing on Fintech and blockchain.

There is Professor Seiichiro Yonekura, a business history expert. Daisuke Kobayashi is a trading expert and advisor with over 20 years of experience and vast knowledge of the Japanese financial sector. And Dai Oshima offers marketing advice with extensive experience working for various Japanese companies.

The xWin project works closely with the Yokohama Kitanakadori Law office, which helps to handle any legal issues.


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