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I have over 8years of experience in the Fintech investment industry and five years of experience in PR & IR and digital marketing with an emphasis on Blockchain and Fintech leading Beta.B Global PR Consultancy firm.

Before Starting the position in PR marketing agency, I amassed years of experience in VC investment, M&A, asset management, digital marketing, Branding, growth hacking, investors relations.

I’m fluent in Chinese, and proficient in English, Japanese, native in Uygur.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Information Engineering from Tianjin University of Science and Technology.

I also took a particular course on Fintech & Innovation in Pekin university , China.

I took an intensive course to learn the Japanese language at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, finally succeeded in upgrading my PR skills by taking a three-month branding course powered by Qidian Branding school.

I continuously explore and educate, mentor young female entrepreneurs, and apply new ideas in blockchain technologies.


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