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Our Services

Crypto Financial Services

  • Fundraising Strategy Consulting and Relevant Supports

  • Project Due Diligence and Risk Control Supports

  • Market Making Strategy Support 

  • Tokenomics Design 

  • Listing Support ( IEO/ICO)

Consulting Service 

  • Web3.0 & NFT New  Business Strategy Consulting 

  • Web3.0 Business Global Marketing Consulting 

  • Web3.0 & Crypto Business Global BizDev Consulting 

  • Regulation Consulting 

  • Tokenomics Design and Ecosystem Design Consulting 

  • Web3.0 New Ideas and Problem  Solution Consulting 

Global Marketing Service 

  • English/ Japanese/ Chinese / Arabic / Spanish Media Press Release 

  • Traditional Media Top tiers and Crypto Media Top tiers 

  • Airdrop Promotion ( we have 100+ crypto users in our system)

  • KOL Promotion ( high quality KOLs)

  • Magazine Ads or interview or Featured Articals 

  • Newspaper Press Release 

  • Community increased 

  • Token holders increase 

  • TV program interviews 

  • Outdoor Ads ( Dubai Burj Khalifa, New York Timesquare, New York Nasdaq, Airports etc)

Translation Service

  • Technical Native People Translate your Technical Contents 

  • Website/ Whitepaper/ Pitchdeck / News articles 

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