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Japanese Web3 Community Gathers at TON's First Meetup in Tokyo that co-organized with Beta.B Group

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Tokyo, May 2, 2024 - The rapidly evolving landscape of the global Web3 industry saw a significant milestone with the inaugural meetup organized by TON Foundation in collaboration with Beta.B Group, a WEB3 Accelerator contributing to the industry's growth. Held on April 13th in Tokyo, the event witnessed the participation of esteemed figures including TON Foundation's President, Telegram's Chief Investment Officer, and Beta.B Group's Managing Partner, amidst a diverse gathering of multinational attendees during the TEAMZ Web3 AI Summit 2024.

The meetup, a pivotal event directed towards Japan's community, garnered attention from media partners such as CoinTelegraph Japan, Nikkei Asia, CRYPTO TIMES, and sponsorship support from Beta.B Group, Orbs project, with STIR from Japan as supporters.

Kanna, an active community manager in the Web3 space, moderated the event, while student IT entrepreneurs and young engineers provided support. The opening address was delivered by Mr. Sugano, Japan Head of Beta.B Group, a pioneer in providing comprehensive services as a Web3 accelerator since 2017. He emphasized the importance of leveraging Beta.B Group's technology and expertise to bridge Japan with the world, fostering further development in the Web3 community.

Presentations during the event highlighted Telegram's pivotal role in the Web3 revolution, with Steve Yun, President of TON Foundation, and John Hyman, Telegram's Chief Investment Officer, discussing "The Crypto Revolution within Telegram." They underscored Telegram's potential as a gateway to decentralized applications, simplifying crypto transactions akin to sending text messages.

Stave Yun, President of Ton Foundation [photo by CoinTelegraphJapan]

Notable statistics revealed during the presentations included TON wallet's active user base reaching 25 million in the past three months, with a remarkable 94% coming through referrals. The speakers addressed challenges transitioning from Web2 to Web3, emphasizing Telegram's pivotal role in addressing user experience, community building costs, diffusion limits, and product adoption hurdles.

John Hyman, Chief Investment Officer of Telegram [Photo by CoinTelegraphJapan ]

Ekin Tuna, Growth Director at TON Foundation, shared insights into TON's on-chain social network supported by the community. He emphasized the significance of "Proof of Personhood" using SBT, highlighting the importance of PoP incentives and introducing the "Humancode" project aimed at protecting individual privacy through palm pattern encryption.

Ekin Tuna, Director of TON Foundation [Photo by CoinTelegraphJapan]

Further contributions came from Orbs, represented by Mayo Hotta, Japan Business Development, emphasizing Orbs' role as a decentralized backend for DeFi projects, enabling the implementation of complex services in a decentralized manner.

Mayo Hotta, Head of Orbs Japan [Photo by CoinTelegraphJapan ]

Mariya Ebirayim, Managing Partner at Beta.B Group, discussed market penetration strategies in Web3, emphasizing the importance of market research, clear value propositions, regulatory compliance, and community building.

Mariya Ebirayim, Managing Partner of Beta.B Group [Photo by CoinTelegraphJapan ]

The event concluded with a discussion on Japan's market dynamics featuring Genki Oda, Chairman of the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA), and TON Foundation's President, Steve Yun. Mr. Oda highlighted the growing user base in Japan's cryptocurrency industry and emphasized the compatibility of Japanese users with staking, suggesting an increase in staking offerings.

Genki Oda, Chair of the JVCEA [Photo by CoinTelegraphJapan]

Mr. Yun expressed insights gained from the Japanese market and reiterated the importance of stablecoin offerings within regulatory environments, emphasizing community development through education and partnerships.

In closing remarks, Mr. Oda advised TON on market listing strategies and encouraged collaborative user engagement campaigns with exchanges.

CEO Kado from STIR, an event supporter, shared enthusiasm for TON's ecosystem and community vibrancy, acknowledging the accessibility provided to Telegram's 900 million users and highlighting growth potential.

From Left:  Ekin Tuna Director of TON Foundation, Steve Yun President of TON Foundation,  Genki Oda Chair of the JVCEA,  Mayo Hotta Head of Orbs Japan,  Mariya Ebirayim Managing Partner of Beta.B Group
From the left: Ekin Tuna Director of TON Foundation, Steve Yun President of TON Foundation, Genki Oda Chair of the JVCEA, Mayo Hotta Head of Orbs Japan, Mariya Ebirayim Managing Partner of Beta.B Group

The TON Foundation's first meetup in Japan marked a significant step in fostering collaboration and innovation within the Japanese Web3 community.

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About TON Foundation:

The TON Foundation is dedicated to advancing the development and adoption of decentralized technologies, fostering innovation, and building vibrant communities in the Web3 ecosystem.

About Beta.B Group:

Beta.B Group is a leading global Web3 Accelerator providing comprehensive services to projects in the decentralized technology space since 2017, with a focus on bridging global communities and fostering innovation.

About Orbs:

Orbs is a decentralized backend infrastructure for DeFi projects, empowering developers to build scalable and secure decentralized applications.


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