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Beta.B was founded in 2017 as a global media PR, digital marketing consulting agency focused on the cryptocurrency field, after years of unremitting efforts, we developed the financial services, social media operation services, legal compliance consulting services, web3 digital transformation consulting services opened for traditional web2 companies and the one-stop services in the web3 field.

The world have only been implementing Remote work since Corona, but we have been implementing globally distributed Remote work since 2018, with teams located in London, Dubai, Turkey, Nigeria, Japan, Shanghai, Hong Kong and more.



After we analyze your project and find out your current problems, we will provide you with exclusive solutions for the purpose of improving your project's brand status, influence and even better global expansion & marketing.


With our help, your project's brand influence will increase, you can get a huge community of users from all over the world, you can work with several famous KOLs, you can expand more loyal users, and even get investment from well-known global VCs.

Success Cases

  1. In 2017 2018, HLC project raised 18million dollar in ETH, and achieved 500k community size in all over the world.

  2. In 2021-2022, "Ocean Mollu" project achieved Brand Recognition , 200k more community size and be invested & listed on Binance. 

  3. In 2021 2022, "SINSO Network" project raised 5 million dollar , achieved global brand recognition, reached about 1million community size by our 2y services .

Client Stories

Our clients come from all parts of the world. Among our hundreds of clients, there are many SUCCESS  CASES. 

HalalChain, a food traceability crypto project in 2017 2018, which was renamed “Qitmeer Network” now. Halalchain raised about $18 million in funding and a global community size of more than 500,000 people under our services.

Client: HLC Technologies

The GameFi project “OceanMollu” in 2021, with our guidance and services, the project was given a beautiful coat and expanded to 200k community size globally, and then the project was invested by Binance and listed on Binance. 

Client:Ocean Mollu

The MusiFi project “MeMusic” have raised funds from Protocol Labs, Outlier Ventures, DCI Capital, Vespertine Capital etc with our support. 


The GameFi project “AbeatsGame” have achieved 300K community members in total with our KOL marketing,Telegram Bot promotion services.


The GameFi + NFT  project “Meteorn Run” achieved 50K in total global community with our marketing services just during 2 months. The overall tokenomics of the projects was also further optimized and improved under our guidance.

Client:Meteorn Run

The GameFi + Metaverse  project “Haglien achieved 190K global community with our marketing services during 10 months.


The Infrastructure project “SINSO Network” in 2021 2022, the project gained over 150k community users from all over the world after our marketing services. And we have also leaded the project to raised 5 million dollar from Protocal  Labs, MZ Web3 Fund, DCI Capital, AU21, OIG Capital etc. they only have more than 100 community members when we start to work together. Under our one spot service, the project now well known in the web3 industry. 

Client: SINSO Network

The Web3 domain project “ EDNS Domain ”, before we provided them with global community marketing services, they only had more than 1,000 inactive community users, and with our packaging and promotional services and marketing strategy, they gained more than 100,000 community users in a short period of time, and more than 80,000 users participated in their airdrop campaigns.

Client:ENDS Domain

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