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Beta.B Group

Logo of Beta.B Group

Beta.B Group is an accelerator in Web3.0 industry. There are Beta.B Global PR Marketing Agency and Q91 Capital under Beta.B Group.

Beta.B was founded in 2017 as a global media PR and digital marketing consulting agency focused on the cryptocurrency field. After years of unremitting efforts, we developed financial services, social media operation services, legal compliance consulting services, Web3.0 consulting services, and opened up one-stop services for traditional web2 companies for joining the web3.0 industry. 


Social Media Marketing|Global Media PR|Financial Services|Marketing Strategy Consulting|Crypto legalization|Web3 and DX Consulting

Beta.B Global 

 Q91 Capital is an investment fund under Beta.B Group. With the hope to support the development of the web 3.0 industry and to help outstanding Web 3.0 projects and AI companies.

​ Q91 Capital

Isn't it time for your business to reach its apex? We can solve any problem you have in the web3 field

The Story of Beta.B

  • English Top Tier Media PR 

  • Japanese Top Tier Media PR

  • Chinese Top Tier Media PR 

  • TV / Magazine Interviews 

  • ​Outdoor Advertisements 

  • Crypto Media Press Releases 

Meida PR

  • Social Media Marketing

  • KOLs Marketing

  • Airdrop Promotion 

  • Customize Global  Marketing Strategy Plan

  • AMA Marketing 

  • Organize Online or Offline Events


  • Fundraising Supports

  • Project Due Diligence and Risk Control Supports

  • Market Making Strategy Support 

  • Tokenomics Design 

  • Listing Support ( IEO/ICO) 

Financial Service

  • If you are a project founder with a technical R&D background, don't worry, we will help you take care of all the operation and market development work!

  • If you don't have a social media operations team, don't worry, we'll send you an expert team.

​Outsourced Operation

  • Web3.0 & NFT New  Business Strategy Consulting 

  • Web3.0 Business Global Marketing Consulting 

  • Web3.0 & Crypto Business Global BizDev Consulting 

  • Regulation Consulting 

  • Tokenomics Design and Valuation Consulting

  • Web3.0 New Ideas and Knowhow Problem  Solution 





After we analyze your project and find out your current problems, we will provide you with exclusive solutions for the purpose of improving your project's brand status, influence and even better global expansion & marketing.


With our help, your project's brand influence will increase, you can get a huge community of users from all over the world, you can work with several famous KOLs, you can expand more loyal users, and even get investment from well-known global VCs.

With our help, you will be able to correctly recognize the set of problems in your project and get the exact solution to take your business to the next level.

Success Cases 

1.  In 2017 2018, the HLC project raised 18milllion dollar in ETH, and achieved 500k community size in all over the world.

2. In 2021 2022, the “SINSO Network” project raised 5 million dollar in stable  coins, achieved global brand recognition, 200k more community size in global from 0.

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients. See client stories for more.

小俣侑輝 Co-Funder 

Meteorn  Run





Michael  CMO


Although we spent efforts on global marketing, we could not achieved the results we expected, After comparing several marketing agencies, we were honored to choose Beta.B. We are grateful to Ms. Mariya for her strategic solutions to let’s achieved optimistic results in our global marketing.

William  Tien, President 
AXIS Technologies Group

We were so optimistic that a partner like you would deliver the best. Thank you for exceeding our expectations. We appreciate your excellent service.

Us in Numbers


Clients From All Over The World 


Years of Experience 


Business Partners in over 8 Countries


The Returning Client Rate 

Some Of Our Clients

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